What is SEO Anyway?

At Krush Digital, we have gone through phases on what we thought SEO was, is or will become. At one time we really thought it was the future of marketing… then we moved on to thinking it was voodoo and other bull that really didn’t do what it was supposed to for the amount people paid. Now we’ve matured a little and really liken SEO to prepping your business for a competition.

You have put your heart, soul and pocket book into building your business. You chose the right architect, best design to represent your brand, got the right colors to match your logo and you are ready to showcase to the world how your business is better than everyone else’s in Oklahoma that try to do what you do so well. Now you need to be found.

How does this happen? Content, content, content… Your website needs to contain the right content. We’ve seen some beautiful sites, but they wouldn’t rank well with the search engines. Why? Well…. for one thing CONTENT! The content on your site should be a direct reflection of the keywords you wish to use for ranking. There are some other things that your SEO partner can do for you. Site latency (speed), Image Optimization, Meta Descriptions and a good plan for continuing your fresh content approach will put you ahead of your competition. The real magic next takes place as you build your “off page” SEO strategy. You need to promote your business on the Internet. Search Engines need to understand that your business is growing in popularity. A great SEO plan is a road map you will implement to let the search engines know you are an expert in your industry. The more others recommend your business, the more Google will improve your ranking in the organic results.

Got SEO down for your business? If you need help – call us today at Krush Digital.

Posted on July 22, 2014 in Digital Marketing

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