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Many clients ask us about digital advertising. At Krush we consider this both digital display ads as well as search/keyword and all targeting ads. For ad agencies, we scratch our heads when contemplating a display ad strategy. Statistics for display advertising are not great.

What does this really mean? Many publishers sell advertising time on their mobile and websites the same way you would buy radio, cable or television advertising. They want to sell you impressions (customers by the thousands). Then in terms of basic direct response math, 1-2% of the general users will be in the market for your product or service and low and behold – these are the potential customers that will click on your ad.

However…. it really doesn’t work this way. It’s well known that display advertising doesn’t work. You are more likely to win the lottery compared to getting someone to click your ad…. well maybe the odds aren’t that bad…but pretty close! Where does that leave us?

Digital Advertising is still meaningful. You just need to think about where you are placing the messages. The Internet has opened doors for targeted advertising that never existed before. If you are a supermarket you can serve up an intrusive ad to anyone within a mile of your location. Digital advertising will provide better ROI in a targeted strategy.

You need your message to break through the clutter. It’s more likely to accomplish this if you target consumers who may have had a trigger event that placed them in the market for your product or service and they will be much MORE likely to take notice of you advertisement.

Can you remember the junk mail you threw out yesterday evening at home? Did you take notice.. or in typical fashion just divide bills and checks from clutter and toss them out? Did you receive any offers to re-finance your home? You probably can’t remember, but I guarantee you the next time you need financing for a new home or other toy, you will be surprised to see just how often you receive offers in the mail daily.

When we aren’t in the market, we have learned to tune out messages that don’t apply to us. But we become acutely aware as we move into the consumer buying cycle once a triggering event has placed us in the market for any specific product or service.

Krush Digital is a strategic media messaging firm. We place the right message at the right time to the right audience. We reduce waste in your media schedule and help you maximize bottom line results. From television advertising to granular digital advertising strategies, let us help you grow your business.

Posted on September 11, 2014 in Digital Marketing

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